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Writessays.Net has been providing professional level editing services for

admission and academic essays to students since 1997. It is a part of the

Nelnet Company, which has been proudly providing top quality education and

financial products and services to consumers in the United States since



Whenever a student applies for admission to an educational institution,

whether it is a school, college or a university, he/she has to present a

personal statement or essay to that institution which provides the

institution with an insight into the student’s general traits. Thus it is

very important for the student to make a really good first impression in

order to secure admission to the institution, as there is little to no

margin for error, because of the ever-increasing competition for securing

admission in top educational institutions.


Writessays.Net understands the importance of these essays and thus prides itself

in providing high quality editing services for them in very short time. For

this reason, Writessays.Net employs a team of highly skilled and experienced

editors who have detailed knowledge about the current admission processes

used by top educational institutions and also have themselves obtained

their degrees from the most well reputed educational institutions in the

United States such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford etc. Thus whether a

student is seeking admission in a Business school, Medical school, Law

school, Graduate school or college, the editing experts at Writessays.Net are

always ready and willing to provide their editing services and guidance to

the student tailored to his/her requirements to help him/her secure a seat

in the school of his/her choice. The editing services provided by Writessays.Net

need not be limited to students and even professionals such as journalists

and well-established writers can benefit from them.


The services provided by Writessays.Net are not just limited to admission essays

as it also provides editing and proofreading services for academic essays

as well which include reports, dissertations and theses to help the student

gain an edge by submitting error free and high quality work and secure

better grades in the end.


It is important to note that Writessays.Net is a professional editing service

and it does not write and sell essays to clients. Writessays.Net believes in

making its clients better equipped and self-sufficient to handle their own

essays in a more skilful manner. The editors at Writessays.Net thoroughly

analyze the essays that are submitted to them and then rather than making

major changes to the original essay themselves, they guide and instruct the

clients and suggest possible areas that may require certain changes. They

also provide constructive criticism on clients’ work and answer any follow-

up questions that they may have.

All in all, whether a student wishes just to have a second honest opinion

on his/her essay or he/she wants a major overhaul for the essay because of

the fact that English is not his/her primary language, Writessays.Net is the

place to go to get quality and efficient professional level essay editing

services in very little time.


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